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Projection Files

Here's the raw files that were projected during the festival on the different surfaces.

Thanks to Everyone!

A huge thank you to everyone who made this festival possible. The volunteers, behind the scenes organisers, CADW, Costal Rangers, Scouts, the artists, all the staff and helpers of Basingwerk Abbey, everyone who came to the festival and anyone else who helped out in...

Coastal Dance Themes…

NEW Dance Youth Dance Company and Students from Coleg Cambria have been working extremely hard over the past few week creativity material of their performance at the Basingwerk Abbey Festival of Light using coastal theme and the history of the abbey for stimulus. This...

Smoke & Torches

Any excuse to fill the house with smoke (and set off the alarms! Rob's been testing out the new Hazer machine and a new torch!

The Water Wheel

One of the most ambitious pieces of the festival is the huge water wheel and water fall with projection and lighting. Ben's been constructing the main wheel sections while Rob's been getting water everywhere!

Meet The Monks!

Ben's been hard at work on the Three Monk Sculptures - these things are huge!  

Projection Mapping on a Raspberry Pi!

Rob's decided to try out using a Raspberry Pi computer for the Black Book of Basingwerk Sculpture - so far so good! Running well after a few hours of testing!  

Filming Complete With Schools!

After fantastic performances from all the pupils we've worked with, we've now collected all the dances, animations, drawings and lanterns - time for editing!!

Building a Waterfall

Putting together a nice collection of hose pipes, pond pumps, adapters, fan nozzles, quick release fittings and jubilee clips! One super 12,000 litre per hour waterfall coming up... Watch this space!  

Moving into new workshop!

Rob & Ben are busy gathering their sculptures, tools, waterfall components and more in the new Basingwerk Festival workshop! Expect some pics and vids of development over the next 2 weeks!!

Less than 30 days!!

After some great workshops in Ysgol Gronant and Ysgol Ty Ffynnon, we've realised there's now less than 30 days till the festival goes live! We've made dozens of fantastic way marker lights and lanterns with Ben, danced our socks off with Jamie and begun filming with...